Dry Collection - Wine Club 3Q 2017
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Dry Collection - Wine Club 3Q 2017
Dry Collection - Wine Club 3Q 2017

Now available to the general public, this package contains the 6 bottles that "Dry" wine club members received in September, 2017.

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 The Dry Collection - Wine Club 3Q 2017 includes:

Chardonnay - Our classic dry Chardonnay has never seen oak. Do not over chill this beauty in order to enjoy its fresh, crisp apple, pear, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors at their best. You can both sip this by itselt, or pair it with roasted chicken, white fish, or any dish with a white cream sauce.

Chêne Rouge - Oaked. This is a uniquely piquant wine with its surprisingly pleasant peppery, tannic finish. Pairs well with pasta served with rich tomato based sauce, as well as, a juicy steak cooked to perfection.

Fons Perennis - This wine hints of roasted coffee while the mild earthiness coats the palate with a sharp tannic finish. Pairs well with strong cheeses and lightly spiced dark meats.

Oaked Merlot - This Merlot is lightly aged in French Oak barrels, a pleasant combination of currant and black cherry. Plum on the palate at first sip, and soft tannins round out the finish. This red wine loves to complement red meats both sweet and savory.

Petit Chêne Rouge - This dry wine will add spice to your life with black licorice and clove on the palate. Rich tannin and oak round out this full bodied red.

Rendezvous - This dry red wine, made from a grape originating in the Loire Valley of France and grown extensively in Pennsylvania, should be paired with your favorite casual beef dish. Notes of black fruits, and a hint of pepper brings a complexity to this table wine.